This Is How You Write Sales Followup Email

A crazy monkey has gotten loose and I fear that he may have found his way to you?!

Following up on sales is often a crazy task. You don’t know whether the lead has turned warm / cold or has simply gotten too busy to look at your proposal.

A company from Silicon Valley has been trying to sell their solution to us for the last few months and after getting no reply from us, this is the sales followup email that they sent:

Hey Ashish,

I still haven’t heard back from you. I’m getting kind of worried. I can only assume that:

1) you’re not interested and chose not to reply. So I will follow up with you again in a month.

2) You are interested and haven’t had a chance to reply to my emails.

3) A crazy monkey has gotten loose and I fear that he may have found his way to you?!

Please respond to my email as I am getting very worried for your safety.

Your worried friend,

Let me tell you this : this ain’t a new trick.

A lot of sales professionals (esp from US) use these interesting emails to create interest. Of course, there is a bit of data here. I know that they are using email tracking tools to see whether the earlier emails were opened or not. And depending on the interest, you trigger the right template (rather, the last option).

But heck! I replied and the deal discussion is ON. And let me also tell you this : I had no intention to reply to him, till I saw the above email.

That’s what matters.

The point is simple : NEVER EVER be boring!

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