Stubborn sales stereotypes we really need to get over

Human beings can usually recognise a ridiculous caricature when we see one. We know when something is too over-the-top and stereotyped to possibly reflect reality. Unless, that is, we’re thinking about sales.
Greedy Gordon
Will do anything for a commission
Larry the Liar
Makes wildly unrealistic promises to close a deal
Invisible Irene
Only 39% of sales positions should be held by women, and there’s certainly no good reason why only 19% of sales leaders are women
Maurice the Motormouth
Any sales professional who can’t listen eliminates the opportunity to add value for a client.
Manipulative Mike
The snake-oil salesman
Stresshead Sid
Racing everywhere
Golfing Gary
All about the client entertainment.
Ronald the Totally Replaceable
Phil the Flit
Guaranteed to switch jobs whenever offered more money.
Aggressive Alvin
Continually emailing and cold-calling
Eric the Extrovert
Alpha personality (huge ego).

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