Salesforce shows it’s Force


Salesforce has gotten inside out with, the platform that allows customers to run their Web sites using’s cloud services. Sites gives customers the power to publish their data and applications to any Web site.

Think beyond CRM.  Build more apps.  Build better apps.  With less cost and less hassle.  Developers everywhere are using to build core business applications, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM) and supply chain management (SCM).  It’s the fastest way to get from idea to app.   It’s about more innovation and less infrastructure. It’s about running your business in the Cloud.

As somebody who has worked with SF team on product integration and also as a competition (with Siebel CRMOnDemand), let me say that this is something that’s very big. changes the entire notion of how enterprises look at integrating cloud services within their systems – from inside out to outside-in.

What’s your take on

Microsoft recently launched it’s cloud platform, Azure and Marc Benioff says he doesn’t know how to pronounce Azure, and then adds ‘I don’t care’!

Is cloud getting crowded?

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