This Celebrity Couple Got Married In Just INR 150; Saved Remaining For COVID-19 Relief Funds!

We belong to a society where big fat weddings matter more than do waqt ki roti!

Now one thing that COVID-19 has forced the Indian janta to do is to limit their guests at weddings with limited expenditure. While some might like this idea of a small close-knitted celebration, others are not much.

Now, often, celebrities are expected to throw big parties and hefty functions before their weddings as a part of the glamour world, but recently, a celebrity couple decided to go south with it.

Celebrity couple Saloni and Viraf Patel got married recently after dating each other for almost two years. But what drew everyone’s attention to it is that they did everything at just INR 150!!

As per the actress, the couple has been planning for their wedding since last year, but the pandemic hit the world right before that. As a result, they delayed their wedding hoping that things would be fine by 2021, but this year it hit even worse. Although the dates were finalized, there was no sign of when it would get back to normal.

Both Saloni and Viraf had been tested positive in April, and the virus later caught their parents as well. Eventually, the couple decided to cancel all the functions. Their court date was May 6; after a lot of dilemma and discussion, they decided to go ahead with it.

The couple arrived at Bandra court in Mumbai to officiate everything. The entire wedding cost INR 150, which included their marriage registration fee and some photocopies of documents.

Both of their families were not around. The couple couldn’t even arrange wedding rings. Saloni borrowed a saree from her friend while Viraf managed to get something from his closet to match it. 


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“I thought it won’t be as exciting and memorable as it would have been if there were functions, but the day was as memorable and special as it could have been. It was simple, and at the end of the day, we were discussing how tired we were with all the video calls. Now, I think how do people manage with all the functions because we were exhausted with our court marriage,” Saloni shares in an interview.

The couple has decided to donate a part of their wedding money to COVID-19 relief funds. They are still figuring out the NGOs and communities they want to support. “We are looking forward donating the money we did not spend,” Saloni says.

Wonder how helpful it would be if every couple decides to do the same, if every individual donates for a social cause and not just some temple and if every CSR activity is about making an impact and not just numbers!

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