Sam Pitroda’s first ever Twitter Conference seeks to prove that Open Governance is not an oxymoron

Mr Sam Pitroda’s first ever press conference on Twitter was right out of the first episode of Yes Minister, the British sitcom from the 80s. Much like Jim Hacker the newly elected Member of Parliament in the satirical series, Mr Pitroda, the adviser to the Indian Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation proclaimed that the government is committed to democratising public information and has undertaken various initiatives to improve transparency in governance.

“This will have far reaching implications on delivery of public services,” said Mr Pitroda, widely regarded as the man behind India’s telecom revolution. He also sought views from the public on various proposals of the government.

While we expected some major announcement during the conference, this turned out to be mostly a recap of what’s already been done(Check out the slides below). These moves are a step in the right direction, but we hope that the initiatives materalise. We hope that unlike Hacker, who accepts defeat in the end, Mr Pitroda proves that Open Government is not an oxymoron.

We’d written earlier, about the press conference on Twitter and  how this was a sign of things to come. Like we said, Mr Pitroda’s reason behind holding the conference on Twitter was to reach out to a wider audience and to cut out noise. Going by the response on Twitter, that mission was accomplished. Now, to the real missions at hand. Like this one: “Courts of Tomorrow. Technology adoption and timely delivery of justice.”

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