Samajwadi Party Manifesto – on Share Trading, Mall Culture, English..and more

Now that media has been talking about the ‘path breaking’ manifesto from Samajwadi party and there seems to be some confusion on the interpretation, here are some finer points in the manifesto that is worth noting:

  • Reduce or Stop forward trading, share trading and mall culture. Any government formed with our support will either reduce or stop it completely
  • Control/Monitor (ban isn’t the right word) usage of English speaking schools as well as computers
    ”The party manifesto does not at all say that Samajwadi Party has any plans of banning English or of doing away with computers. It simply expresses its view that there was need to put an end to expensive English-medium schools,
    The idea was clearly to discourage schools that charge high fees in the name of English medium… any kind of ban of English-medium schools was not the intention”
  • Again, control the usage of harvestors/tractors in the country
    ””Even while stressing against the use of harvesters or tractors in the manifesto, the party’s intent was to simply point out that since India was a labour-intensive country and bulk of the farmers owned small agricultural holdings, mechanisation was not the answer to their problem”
  • Why against shopping malls?
    ”You should appreciate that despite a number of corporate houses being close to our party leadership, we have the courage to oppose the mall culture because that does not go with the socio-economic ethos of the nation.”  [ via 1,2]

Do share your opinion.

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