Samman Foundation – Bringing structure to the Rickshaw Industry (Rick is an OOH Panel)

Launched in 2007, Samman Foundation is attempting to bring a structure to the Rickshaw industry and is betting on rickshaws being the ‘visible panel’ for brands to reach out to consumers.

The rickshaws have been specially designed by IIT K, Delhi school of Architecture and is 50-60 Kgs lesser in weight than the traditional rickshaws.

Samman Foundation - Rickshaw is your Brand Vehicle
Samman Foundation - Rickshaw is your Brand Vehicle

The rickshaws have been designed in order to keep real estate for advertising (on the side, front and back panels) – company charges Rs. 10-15 per day from the operator. Samman foundation sells anything from mobile recharge coupons to mineral water bottle.

The company has also partnered with banks to open savings account for rickshaw pullers – and charges a nominal fee to operators for the rickshaw yard (doesn’t charge the rickshaw pullers any rent for the rickshaw).

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