Samsung Thinks Big Storage On Low-End Phones Will Win It Buyers

Samsung has been struggling to compete with Apple in the high-end smartphone market, while players like Xiaomi and OnePlus are eating into its low and mid-range device sales.
The Korean giant’s answer to tackling the drain on low-end smartphone sales? Provide users with more storage, and lots of it.
Samsung has just announced a 128GB, 3-bit flash memory chip, that it says is targeted at mass-market mobile devices.
While the chip is based on the slower eMMC technology rather than the super-fast UFS format that the flagship Galaxy S6 gets, it does achieve a respectable read speed of 260MB/s.
There’s no word on when a device using the chip will actually make its way to the market, but it’s great to see Samsung doing something that people will actually want. (count us in!)
[Source: BusinessWire]

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