Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 : Can this Replace Your Laptop?

I had a chance to lay my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. Even before I switched it on, I was impressed by the sleekness and the light weight of the device. I switched it on, and was jaw-droppingly awed at the quality of display, the vibrance of colours and the response of the touch of the 10.1 inch screen. I went ahead exploring the tab, played with it for the next couple hours, before the end of which I had already made up my mind to get one for myself. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 dimensions

I learnt most about the Tab 750 on the Tab 750 itself, and, to be honest, did not expect it to house one of the best specifications inside one of the slimmest bodies. The device encases a 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 processor, the world’s first mobile super chip. This, coupled with 1GB RAM powers the device and renders that incredible speed and provides multitasking capabilities. The TFT screen with a 1280 X 800 resolution (pixel density of 149PPI) provides that crisp image quality. The Samsung slate boasts of tech specs no other tablet in the market currently can. You may want to compare it with the most sought-after tablet(read iPad2).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, aka Tab 10.1 in the US and Europe, comes pre-installed with Android 3.1 (Honeycomb), an OS specifically created for tablets. At the risk of sparking a debate between the Apple fanboys and the open-source supporters, I must add that Android comes with a lot of scope for customizations and features.
Nevertheless, the thought that excited me the most was that this is the closest a tablet has ever come to the laptop computer or a netbook. Or even a Chromebook, Samsung and Google’s joint venture. Let us see how.


  • Multitasking and split view: The powerful processor with the spacious RAM means you can multitask easily without interrupting programs in the background. The spilt view support provided by Honeycomb can add an extra dimension. The soft buttons at the bottom of the screen let you switch between windows as easily as pressing Alt-Tab on a Windows PC or Cmd-Tab on a Mac.
  • Mobile office: The tablet comes preloaded with Polaris™ Office, an office application especially designed to work with touch screens on tablets, that lets you create, edit, and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, like on a conventional computer. Of course you can always use Google Docs through the browser or the Android app.
  • Unrestricted browsing: The browser supports Adobe® Flash® player natively, so that you can browse all your favourite Flash sites from within the browser and do not have to keep in mind that you are browsing on a tablet and not on a computer.
  • Bluetooth and USB kit: The inbuilt bluetooth 3.0 support lets you connect your favourite bluetooth devices, and the USB kit accessory enables you to connect your tab to any other device, be it a computer, phone, memory stick, card reader, or even another Samsung tablet, and use them seamlessly on your tablet. This means you can watch a movie stored on your pen drive or on your phone on a bigger, sharper screen even when on the move.
  • Keyboard: Though the on-screen keyboard is fast enough, the bluetooth keyboard with the docking station can transform your tab to a laptop when you are not travelling, and comfortably and ergonomically use your fingers to create magic.
  • Network: Galaxy Tab 750 supports HSPA+ 21Mbps, in addition to GSM, Edge, and 3G bands, allowing you to stay connected all the time. Of course, the WiFi is always there.
  • Video: The 10.1 inch sharp screen is backed by full HD playback and recording. Video messaging, streaming and telephony are also supported. The HDMI output can help you route the video to your LCD TV or a monitor, or a projector.
  • Camera: The slate comes with a 3MP auto focus LED flash camera which can also click panaromas in real time, without having to click them first and stitch them later. The 2MP front camera beats other tablets by a huge margin (iPad2 has a VGA front camera). Top that up with the high network connectivity and you can achieve the best quality video calls. The camera is something over and above your computer.
  • SMS: Another feature that is not there on your latop computer is the slot for a SIM card. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, it does not let you make voice calls, though it can be used for SMS and MMS.
  • Battery: The best laptop battery lasts 6 hours. The smaller netbooks can do 7 to 8 hours. This Samsung tablet encases a 7000mAh battery that can give you upto 10 hours of work. Or fun.

This Samsung Tab can be a replacement for the conventional computer for almost anyone who uses it, be it a salesperson on their flight, a member of the top management in his car, a student in his class, or a housewife in her kitchen. However, the software developer has to wait, before tablets start providing 4GHz processing speeds and 8GB RAM.
For everyone else, there is Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

[Guest article by Ashutosh Saxena. The article has been reproduced from his blog.]

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