DailyDose: Son rises at Samsung, Lee Jae Yong named Vice Chairman


DailyDose: Son rises at Samsung, Lee Jae Yong named Vice Chairman

Apple’s fuel cell farm is getting bigger

Apple has decided to double the size of its fuel cell project at its data center project in North Carolina. Bloom Energy, is installing 50 Bloom boxes at the site to produce 10 MW of electricity. eBay has a similar fuel cell farm. The startup founded by India-born K R Sridhar, formerly of Nasa had hired ex Wipro Joint CEO Girish Parajnpe to head international business. [Source]

Google makes a YouTube for iPad app

Earlier, Apple dropped YouTube app from default inclusions in iOS6 and Google only made a new one for iPhone and iPod touch. [Source]  Google has also launched Gmail 2.0 On iOS With New Design, Support For Multiple Accounts, Calendar And Google+ Integration. [Source]

Succession Plan at electronics giant Samsung

Samsung Electronics promoted Lee Jae Yong to Vice Chairman, putting him a step closer to his father as the head of the company. The worlds largest maker of television and mobile phones saw its shares rise .2 % in Seol trading (thats 35 % gain this year). 44 year old Lee is in a stronger position to take over from his father who was Chairman for 25 years at company. Lee is currently the chief operating officer and president at the electronics major. [Source]

Pandora’s earnings

The Internet radio company beat expectations in the third quarter of 2013. Revenues were up 60 % to $120 million and net income was at $2.1 million. Predicts lower than expected revenues for the fourth quarter.  Advertising revenue was $106.3 million, a 61 percent year-over-year increase. Subscription and other revenue was $13.7 million, a 52 percent year-over-year increase.[Source]

The messaging maps market


Ex-Trader Arrested After $1 Billion Trade in Apple

A former trader at Rochdale Securities has been arrested and charged with fraud after his well-publicized purchase of $1 billion worth of Apple stock, a trade that put the firm in financial peril.[Source]

NASA announces plans for new $1.5 billion Mars rover

Using spare parts and mission plans developed for NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, the space agency says it can build and launch a new rover in 2020 and stay within current budget guidelines.[Source]

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