Sandeep Aggarwal’s #shitTalks on..Everything

Shopclues and Droom co-founder, Sandeep Aggarwal has taken to FB to talk a lot of shit against his own family, I.e.his wife who runs Shopclues and has even raised questions on relationships.
Sad to see such discussions in a public forum.

Your first founded company is mine and only mine, your second founded company is also mine, the kids we jointly gave birth to are also mine, and everything you ever created under the sun (which is most of the things in our hosuehold!!) are also mine. I own everything and you can just f%#$ off! I am the super woman, can make fool of pretty much anyone, and I own this world and no body else matter. Even when my boy friend threatened to kill you and I came to police station with him in his support for five hours, why are you still not understanding that there is nothing left between us. But anything to everything you created is mine. Please accept it, it is all mine. You do not even have right to breathe because you loved me unconditionally for 20 years and now pay the price.

You come back home after 13 months being away from your work, kids, spouse and parents dealing with a very serious and unbearably stressful life changing type of crisis. Upon return, you suspect something is wrong, math is not adding up, how come there is no love, affection and companionship any more in your life/household, it takes you two years of painful and lonely journey to realize that your spouse moved on and life for your kids, your family, your 20 years old household and for you would never be same again. Then your spouse and her illicit love affair partner are caught red handed and still the issue is dear husband, why did you move on in life vs dying due to deteriorating health I have caused you or killing yourself. Why are you so resilient and stubborn my dear husband ji!! Why!!!
Height of hypocrisy!!!

Things people do to be famous and faking to be way too cooler than they actually are!!! Here are some examples:
1) Entry level business analyst job with 18 months of work experience + 12 months of long term disability and seeing your junior becoming your boss = quality work experience in a famous retailer in USA
2) 2-3 hour long classes and $550 in total fee = a degree from Stanford
3) 8 weeks in a famous investment bank in their least prestigious sales department as an intern = rich Wall Street experience in New York City
4) Coming to India with your kids for summer break and living with once parents = starting India office
5) Reluctantly assisting your husband and not knowing how, when and where to assist = self proclaimed founder of a billion dollar company
6) fraudulently changing once husband, mentor, best friend and guide’s voting rights = honest and simple person
7) illicit love affair with once own boss while husband is away dealing with biggest family crisis = pure, dedicated and supportive wife
8) 18 months of business analyst job, two 3-4 months long attempts due to guidance and monetary support from husband, staying home for 9 years = 14 years of rich and illustrious work experience
9) stay home mom for 6 years and prior to that only 18 months as entry level business analyst and straight away getting VP job from once husband = Merit, hard work, exemplary leadership and dedicated career
10) Title of VP but husband doing all the work = smart, intelligent and highly accomplished individual
11) intentionally and deliberately kicking out other founding team members by collaborating with once illicit love affair partner = calling them founders now
12). Changing web history, tempering with Wikipedia and lying in the press = my illicit love affair partner and I founded the company and my husband also joined the company
These are the lies, gross exaggerations and cheap attempts to mislead the whole world, yourself and generations to come!!
Sick and tired of people being SO greedy and useless!!!
But guess, these people are not worth it…stay positive and try and not look back.
But come on world, do not have double standards!!

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