Agri Minister Sanjeev Balyan Writes To VCs: ‘My Niece Wants Funding, Meet Her’

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Agri Minister Sanjeev Balyan Writes To VCs: ‘My Niece Wants Funding, Meet Her’

Starting up is going mainstream and while we have seen cricketers and Bollywood actors investing in startups, this time we have a minister asking investors to meet her niece and fund her startup.sanjeev-baliyan2365

Junior agriculture minister Sanjeev Balyan’s office has made a peculiar request to venture capitalist companies through a letter requesting VCs to look into his niece’s startup.

The email was sent to VCs on Tuesday afternoon by the minister’s personal Assistant himself.

Apparently, Balyan’s niece wants to launch an app named “A Start-up Company”, and is looking for fresh funding from venture capital firms. Take a look at the entire letter below:

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am desired to seek an appointment for Ms. Monika Balyan (Niece of Hon’ble MOS (Agriculture & Farmers Welfare), Government of India) for discussing the issue of raising funds with concerned officer of your estemeed company in order to enable her to launch an App “Ä Start-up Company”.
I shall be grateful if you could spare sometime for the said appointment from your busy schedule.
A date and time of the meeting may kindly be sent by revert mail.

With best regards,
Sumit Arora
Office of Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture &
Farmers Welfare (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan),
Government of India
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001.


Comments (6)

  1. Subodh

    It happens some time nothing wrong in it

  2. Catapult

    Stop these click-bait titles and present facts like you used to

  3. NotanIdiot

    Its wrong that Govt of India offices are being used to leverage a favour of from venture capitalists to grant a meeting. A meeting that the niece couldn’t obtain on her own merit. Its preferential treatment to the kin of a minister.

  4. Vamsi

    Why cant you guys be a little responsible in giving titles ?
    What is wrong with this letter ?

  5. This is the new beginning of political leverage in this field.

  6. The heading made me think that’s what the minister wrote, which made him come across as arrogant. Very misleading title.

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