Sanskrit Can Compete With Java, C++ , Python And Even Javascript [Manish Sisodia]

Recently, HRD ministry requested all IITs to teach Sanskrit language for facilitating study of science and technology.

“IITs have been requested to teach Sanskrit language especially with reference to study of works which contain scientific knowledge,” Smriti Irani /via

Deputy CM of Delhi, Manish Sisodia has gone ahead and even compared Sanskrit language with C++, Java, Python and well, a lot more!!

What’s SOL? We think he means SQL.

But then, where are we heading with these sort of arguments / logic ?

  1. Sanskrit would be a good compiler for NLP ( NAtural Language Programming ). Panini’s scientific rules of grammar should be a must for people trying to make language translator etc.

  2. He was trying to be sarcastic, that’s the best he can do. Most AAP leaders are idiotic nutjobs, they don’t know anything except mocking others.

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