Sasken invests in OmniCapital, a technology focused VC firm


Sasken has invested in OmniCapital, a US focused VC form that invests in early-growth stage companies and has a special interest in working with corporate partners to create new companies. OmniCapital venture fund is led by Arun Netravali, who was earlier president of Bell Laboratories.

This fund has advisors from some of the leading technology firms in the world and has also has Rajat Gupta, former head of McKinsey as one of them. This VC firm is understood to have made investments in four companies.
The investment in OmniCapital augments Sasken’s access to the US market, providing another window into the latest technology, industry developments and new markets in information technology, telecommunications, video and multimedia        [source]

Earlier, Sasken invested $6mn in ConnectM (along with IDG Ventures)

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