Satnav Partners with Survey of India – To Bring Maps to Consumers

Satnav has partnered with Survey of India to bring Survey of India maps to consumers.

SatNav has partnered with Survey of India (SOI) that will enable them to bring SoI maps and build value added products for consumers.

The partnership allows SatNav to release the SOI-approved digital maps and custom map content within the public domain for commercial use in a range of navigation and location-based solutions (LBS) in the mobile and personal navigation system.

Satnav has raised $7mn from Sequoia and very recently launched voice based navigation service. Access to Survey of India data is surely a big deal for SatNav, as SOI is India’s principal mapping agency and till date, their Digital topographic database was used only by the government (and few agencies).

Some of the developments in navigation space/local search market:

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