SatNav raises $7 million from Sequoia

Navigation solution company, SatNav has raised $7mn from Sequoia capital and the fund will be used to enhance the product portfolio of SatNav besides boosting the depth of the company’s map content.

SatNav’s navigation solution is available on Windows OS mobiles, PDAs, PNDs, desktop and on Non-Windows OS phones, and will be ported to Symbian, Linux, Palm, Blackberry.

The company is looking at several other entry points like GPS, GSM, CDMA and GPRS; and will add 72 cities by the end of the year.[via]

And this goes handy with Sequoia’s ‘magic numberof $7mn!! (Guruji as well as MingleBox received the same).

Aside, SatNav guys seem to overdo the celebration – the site is literally celebrating the funding as if it’s a Diwali for them ! 🙂


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