What You Need to Know About Satya Nadella; Probably the Next Microsoft CEO

If you are in the tech world, you probably know the big news already. Satya Nadella, a top official of Indian origin at Microsoft is likely to become the chief executive officer of the company. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Satya Nadella (Image: Wikipedia)
Satya Nadella (Image: Wikipedia)

1. The 46 year old executive has emerged as a strong candidate to take over as the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. If the rumors come true, Nadella will be the third CEO the company has ever had. Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer being his predecessors.

2. Nadella, who has been at Microsoft for 22 years, studied Electronics & Communications in Manipal University. He was promoted last year to take care of the company’s cloud business.

3. Born to a career bureaucrat in 1967, he grew up in Hyderabad and moved to the United States after graduation in 1988.

4. Nadella, who joined the company in 1992 was the senior vice president of research & development for the company’s online services division and also the vice president of Microsoft Business Division. He was promoted to head the company’s server and tools business.

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