20,000 Satyam Resumes Floating

Satyam saga is surely going to add to the downturn as fate of 53,000 employees hangs by a thread.

It’s not about who is going to acquire Satayam or the bailout plan (if any), the bigger fear is what if clients move away from the deal (most likely TCS/Infy/Wipro/HCL will benefit)? Obscured with such uncertainties, 20,000 resumes of Satyam employees are floating on the web.
Frankly, the worst fear is that these employees will end up creating a job economy slowdown and will impact the Indian IT job market very badly (the talent will come cheap, so other’s bargaining power also goes down).

What’s your opinion on Satyam saga?

Interestingly, Ramalinga Raju’s fansite has been taken down.

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