Satyam Clients (but not employees) can approach us

Well, my earlier post (Infy not to hire Satyam Employees) created major debate on few issues – and those who disagreed with us made couple of points which can be…

Well, my earlier post (Infy not to hire Satyam Employees) created major debate on few issues – and those who disagreed with us made couple of points which can be summarized as follows:

“You (i.e. are making correlation between facts that’s not right – Infy’s statement about not entertaining Satyam was a decision to save Satyam (and doesn’t mean anything beyond this)”.

Well, here is a recent statement from Infy as well and other biggies:

  • “We have already made the announcement that we will not poach any Satyam employee. We will not proactively approach their clients and customers either… but clients have to decide for themselves and they have the right to choose their partner at work,” Infosys HR Director, Mr MohanDas Pai
  • Analysts has said that over half a dozen rivals of the tainted IT firm Satyam Computer have started exploring ways to take over the business from its various clients..
    More than half a dozen providers have already called Forrester to discuss competitive strategies for taking over business in joint units – Forrester Research – source

What about Satyam Clients?

  • GE, the largest client for Satyam, is learnt to be evaluating options of inducting the Satyam team working on its IT project or convincing other IT vendors to merge this team with their resources to ensure continuity of work
  • Nestle, the world’s largest food company, has been a Satyam client since 2004. In 2007, it extended its engagement with the Indian IT firm for another three years, landing it a new multi-million dollar contract.
    ”Alternative solutions are being considered and no disruption of Nestlé’s IT operations is expected,” a Nestle spokesman said
  • British Petroleum has sought assurance from the Indian IT firm that their work will not be impacted.
    ”We will also prudently consider what other actions may be needed in order to best safeguard our systems,” BP group media director David Nicholas” – source

Where does that leaves us? First and foremost – let’s accept that there is a serious issue here – clients are worried about business continuity and so are employees.

Satyam's Raju

Clients are looking out – and so are employees (while the new board and NASSCOM tries to get things in place, there will be some pilferage).

Infy and others are fine with clients approaching them, but have a moral issue if employees approach them? How fair is that?

The question here is : everybody wants Satyam clients, but not employees? Well, if you take the head out, tail will follow – if Satyam clients move away, employees will ( have to) quit – and thanks to all these ‘we won’t take you’ slogans, these employees will be available for cheap.

Where is the fairness?

When a company says ‘clients have to decide their partners’ – they get the sales machinery in place – get them dig old contacts (if you don’t think so, better talk to a sales guy).

This is where one has to respect a company like Wipro, which made it clear that they will treat Satyam employees as any other candidate and will evaluate them on same scale – i.e. be fair to clients as well as employees.

Each company to itself.
We applaud govt. for taking quick action in setting up the board (and restoring confidence on Indian IT industry) – now its time to ask Satyam competitors to go easy on their mouth.

And as I said earlier, Respect Talent – that’s what grows an industry, especially in these times when one is looking forward to mature action from the industry.

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