Rise of Satyam Keyword


Rise of Satyam Keyword

While Satyam is all over the news, take a look at the rising web searches related to Satyam keyword:

Satyam Keyword Rise

Satyam Google Trend

Did you notice one of the rising keyword – Satyam CEO Suicide – speaks of what we look forward to? (the latest news is that Satyam CFO Srinivas Vadlamani attempted suicide (source)).

We just hope that the issue is resolved at the earliest and the concerned parties are brought to the table. Most importantly, this is a wake-up call to MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) which needs to work on reinforcement of laws (and not creating new ones).

For instance, role of rating agencies – both ICICI and LIC hold about 6.81% in Satyam Computer and rated it as ‘AAA’, despite all that was made public on January 7 – is IRDA going to question these two companies?

The issue needs to be examined from corporate affair standpoint and most importantly, the accountability of each and every entity in the deal (including the political nexus of Maytas).

Will the govt. go beyond the obvious details? We do hope so.

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