Satyam Supporters Launch Website for Ramalinga Raju

It seems Ramalinga Raju has a good fan following – some of his supporters have launched, a site dedicated to the ‘goodness’ of Mr. Raju.

Here are some of the interesting messages:

“MYTAS is wrog deal. But still we support you. We request you to acquire more share more in Satyam keep the Satyam alive.”

“I love Mr Raju. He has Vision.At the same time , He should not go into Real Estate and Property Ventures.Being head of Big Software company , he purely dependent on Political leaders in Real estates.I look forward that he put political leaders distinct to his activities.He will introduce more professionalisim in the way he do the things”

This one takes the cake:

“< script type=\”javascript\”>alert(\’RAJU IS GREAT\’);</ script>”

Support for Ramalinga Raju

Launched by an ex-Satyam employee, the site is full of positive things about Mr. Raju and my attempt to send a candid message failed (messages are moderated).

In the time when Satyam is under legal scrutiny, it doesn’t make sense to have these sites add to the spoofy deal.

Makes me wonder where is Satyam’s PR machinery (this is what they were working on?) Why can’t Satyam senior exec team start a blog and come out in open?

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