Mobile App’s Survival Funnel: How To Stop Uninstalls [Infographic]


Mobile App’s Survival Funnel: How To Stop Uninstalls [Infographic]

If you are not among the top 0.5% of the Apps which have defied the “Law of Attrition”, then you must be grappling with high uninstalls & low engagement. Most consumer Apps would lose 75% through uninstalls within 30 days and the funnel below gives you an overview of how & why you lose users.

Put all your energies on the 4 critical points depicted below to alter your Install/Active ratio & Be a Winner:

Goal Conversion = Anything meaningful, directly aligned to your business goals. Examples:- First order in an ecom Apps, Social sharing in a news Apps, Inviting friends in a social App, Playlist creation in a music Apps, Signup for an offline conversion, IAP in a Freemium App, achieve a bonus in a game & so on.

Hope you find this useful when drafting your Customer’s Lifecycle Management plan. All the Best!

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  1. At what point in time, would you say we’ve hit peak app? For a new app to survive several others have to have died or become a ‘utility’ that the phone defaults to out of the box. For example, weather, chat/ communication, word processors and photo uploads are built in via software/ hardware (utilities?). ‘Use a social networking service’, ‘Purchase a product online’, ‘Make a mobile payment’ are converging to a few options even though the latter two do not directly benefit from the network effect. Some of these will become built-in utilities, though experiments so far haven’t become successful. Even as number of users explode, mindshare, networks, and physical memory space (stock phone memory) aren’t increasing as fast to support use of the growing number of apps. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on creating apps that aren’t apps i.e. utilities that improve performance of existing apps, without the need for a download and space on the screen?

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