Save today, retrieve tomorrow using SaveandSearch

How many times has it happened with you that you came across a great article, decided to read it later but the next day, you forgot the URL?

Well, saveandsearch is an interesting product which enables you to save anything quickly, that you want to remember for tomorrow.

Be it a TODO list to a web URL, saveandsearch is meant for those who want to save notes quickly and have them store somewhere easily accessible and importantly, easily searchable. The team initially developed this product for internal purpose – to save useful database queries and other important suggestions or tricks that anybody from the team can search on later date.saveandsearch

In order to get started, all you need to do is to write down the task, give it a name and enter your email id (optional, will only be used for future editing/deletion of tasks). You can also have public or private tasks and the platform provides instant search feature to help you retrieve the task easily.


If you are wondering what’s cool about Saveandsearch, its probably the great user experience. There are quite a few free online task management products on the web, but kudos to Saveandsearch team for building an appealing interface that has a strong brand recall (spend 5 minutes on the site and tell us what brand colors have they used!).

Having said that, I’d strongly urge the team to launch browser plugins (Chrome/Firefox) as that’s the primary use case/behavior of a user who wants to save notes for later usage.

In its current form, it seems like a simpler version of ‘Read it Later’, but the product can be tweaked to become a team/collaborative bookmarking service etc. In general, the team is competing with task management services to others like Evernote/Read it Later to the most ubiquitous software – i.e. notepad, but a bit of clear positioning can probably help them get better traction.

Watch this intro video of SaveandSearch:

Do give Saveandsearch a spin and share your feedback. Do you plan to use it regularly?

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