This Twitter Handle Is Why Twitter Is Cool [Future of Online Media?]

The Upworthy styled headlines (e.g. “This Boy Does Something That’ll Surprise You!”) has given rise to click-baiting – i.e. misleading titles that appeal to human emotions and when you click, all you get to see is something really tangential or a drab piece.

And to bust this comes along the twitter handle @SavedYouAClick which does just one thing – saves the world from this clickbaits and brings more sanity to the content web (spoiler, you see!)

Take  a look at few examples:

With Facebook turning into a photo-book, Twitter still has a chance to plan out a new direction for itself – maybe @SavedYouAClick provides the right model. That is, focus on effective engagement/conversation more than driving CTR$ to publishers.

After all, the entire premise of social media was social first and media later – though the reverse has happened.

In fact, at NextBigWhat we started #ShortNews format of news coverage and the feedback/analytics on those reinforces my belief that the world needs more pointed pieces (140 char just works for anything that’s worth saying) than long-form-articles-just-for-the-heck-of-it.

Future of Online Media

The business model of online content business needs to evolve, and that’ll happen the day Google stops bending in front of large media houses (and their clickbaits) – for the inventory these publishers provide to Google.

Maybe, SavedYouAClick’s initial success (adding more than 20K followers every day) is a good pointer to rethink the model and understand the changing taste of the audience?

What’s your take? Aren’t you sick of UpWorthy clones that just pop up “10 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Video. #4 Made Me Cry” headlines every now and then?

For now, just follow the handle @SavedYouAClick

» And ofcourse, @NextBigWhat.

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