Saving India’s Prince

In an impeccable show of bravery and courage, Prince, a 5 year old kid who fell into 60 ft deep pit has finally triumphed over death. The kid fell into the 60 ft. deep pit on Friday evening 6:30 PM while playing.
And all this 50 hours, the little kid displayed an immense stock of will power and an undying survival instinct.

The army too had a challenging task to accomplish:

  • Make sure that the kid is alive, is fed milk/glucose/biscuits/food,
  • Install CCTV cameras to monitor Prince’s movements
  • Dig a parallel tunnel through the muddy soil (it was raining too) to connect the pit, and at the same time making sure that the soil does not fall through/ fall on him and bury him while evacuating the kid.
  • The whole national/international media was watching Indias first Live Reality TV show – which means great expectations from the public

It was quite an amazing feat to watch the Indian army acting with lot of patience and still not giving in to the media and political pressure. The whole operation took close to 35 hrs, and was flawlessly executed. No shortcuts taken and completely foolproof engineering.

Amazingly, the entire nation stood together for the kid. The regional and religion lines were blurred. Prayers were performed in temples, mosques, gurudwara and church. Kids lighted candles for their friend. Millions of hearts prayed to God to save the little Prince.

Defying darkness, loneliness, hunger and fear, Prince finally lived up to his name!!
Incidentally, today is his b’day too. Happy B’day kid. This is definitely your rebirth.

I salute the Indian Army for making this difficult task look so simple. Also, the media has played a very responsible role. If not for the media attention, Prince (and his story) might have not seen the light of the day.

After thoughts:
The government is giving away an awardof 4 Lakhs to Prince, but the contractor who bored the pit goes scot-free. That makes me wonder- whose money is it anyway? Is falling into a pit an incentive to get all those goodies? And why was that contractor not punished?

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