Savita Bhabhi founder comes out in the open, shuts down Save Savita Campaign

The first victim of Internet censorship in India – Savita Bhabhi founder has decided to shutdown the ‘Save Savita Campaign’.

Extracts from the site

“Dear Savita Bhabhi supporters. It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that I will be shutting down the Save Savita campaign and everything associated with it. Unfortunately, due to personal and family issues arising from my going public last week, I am forced to take this decision.

I will be taking down all links and posts subsequent to releasing this statement. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to bloggers/tweeters that are linking to the content on the Save Savita website.”
– Puneet

Savita Bhabhi Banned

Founder, (goes by the name deshmukh) came out in the open last week and guess that would have caused a major challenge for him – he was able to successfully hide his  identity (ever since the site was started) and now, one of those ‘momentary lapse of reason’ got him out of the cover.

Interestingly, the Indian govt. has asked all ISPs to block, and the site is still accessible.

What’s your take on savita bhabhi case? How different is it from tons of porn sites that are present on the web?

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