Exclusive: Savita Bhabhi the Movie to be Released in May 2013


Exclusive: Savita Bhabhi the Movie to be Released in May 2013

Maker of Savita Bhabhi- the adult toon based on promiscuous Indian housewife hailed as the “first victim of Internet censorship in India” banished from the Internet by the government- is gearing up to release a movie based on the character targeting a release in May 2013.

“We are now on the 36th episode of Savita Bhabhi. We were 11 when we were banned. We started working on the movie a little over a year ago and are finally in the home run now,” Deshmukh, the creator of Savita Bhabhi told NextBigWhat.

Savita Bhabhi, the toon character which first debuted on the Internet in 2008, was banned by the Government in 2009. All Internet Service Providers were asked to block SavitaBhabhi.com,  which featured a married woman’s sexual adventures.

The movie, set in 2070, deals with the subject of Internet Censorship in a humorous way with Savita Bhabhi as the heroine who saves the day. Bombay is the backdrop (renamed to its original anglicized name after the naming rights were sold to an international conglomerate “Bombay Industries”). To save herself and the future of the Internet in India, Savita must find a way to fight the powers that be with the help of two young men who brought her into the predicament that she finds herself in the first place.

Savitabhabhi Directors Chair

The massively popular strip moved to subscription based website Kirtu.com after the ban. The website Kirtu.com gets more than 1.8 million hits a month now.

Savita Bhabhi Censorship
Savita Bhabhi against Censorship

The ban, one of the early instance of online censorship in India provoked criticism of the government. The porn cartoon, is often hailed as the first victim of Internet censorship in India. Following the ban, a campaign to save the website was launched. The creator of Savita Bhabhi, Deshmukh, later came out in the open to shut the campaign.

“We will be releasing the movie in just over a month,” said Deshmukh. “We are targeting over $1mn in sales,” he added. Going by the number of fans Savita Bhabhi has in India, $1 mn will be easy if people don’t pirate the content.

The movie’s website has already gotten over 50% email submission rate! That’s any website owners wet dream. Well, dream.

We will bring you more updates soon. You can sign up for updates on the movie’s official website here.

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