Saywit – for the flaky minds and geeky brains

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Saywit – for the flaky minds and geeky brains

If you have a geeky mind and wish to connect to random nerds, Saywit might just work for you.saywit

Saywit is a social webapp to share one’s ingenuity, creative thinking, and out-of-box solutions. It aims to bring out our creative intelligence naturally, and makes it fun all the way!

How does it work?
One can create scenarios (unstructured conversations) and others can brainstorm on the scenario or make creative entries for a scenario in Saywit.

It has 6 channels to start with.

  • Witty Chat: Snippets of conversations
  • Epigram: Define or Explain in style
  • Imagine: Fiction everywhere
  • Brainstorm: Innovative ways to do stuff
  • Algorithm: Treat for Software Developers
  • Puzzle: Logic filled brain-teasers

What’s really cool about Saywit is it can easily ride on geekiness of the geeks! What can work for Saywit’s benefit is the already available critical mass of weirdos (read geeks) and the basic bonding among the geeks (they all flock together and create a lot of noise about anything and everything!)
If Saywit plays it cards well, I strongly believe that they dont even need to worry about marketing their product. Every successful web2.0 product was first adopted by geeks and later moved onto the lesser souls.

The site and the idea might look a little confusing in the first view – and this is where Saywit has to spend a lot of effort on – i.e. driving people to share their geekiness. Infact, the offering is quite confusing and is anything but sticky! (looks like I am no more a geek:(! )Also, the quality of content isn’t something I will rate high – where are the interesting questions? I liked a few of them – but overall Saywit has to spend effort on improving the quality of content.

Give Saywit a spin and do share your comments.

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