Choose the Right Place and Time To Message with Zoment [App Review]


Choose the Right Place and Time To Message with Zoment [App Review]

zoment-logoSending messages is one thing and there are a million and one ways to do this. But one thing most of these tools lack is the ability to be timely. This is where Zoment, an Android and iOS app comes in.

Zoment is an app that converts dumb reminders into smart and timely messages. It is aimed at people who have to constantly remind people, and consider the task as a thankless and painful one. It is also for people who tend to forget or are too busy to remember and act at the right moments.

The best part about Zoment is that scheduling can be done by time or location.

So when you set a reminder, it would reach a friend at a given date and time of your choice or reaches that friend when he/she arrives at a chosen location, such as a mall or market.

Another great use of this app is to alert loved ones automatically that you reached a particular location safely.

An interesting use case of Zoment is that you can set location specific tips for your friends. So if you visit a new place you can set tips for places to see, food to try, things to buy etc and when they visit the location they will be shown the tips automatically.


We tested the Android app using a Galaxy Nexus. To use the app, one needs to log in using their Facebook or email. This is a great way since you will be able to discover other Zoment users using your Facebook or searching by their email.

Just like other messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and hike you can send messages over a data connection for free. You can also send voice messages, something WeChat has had for some time and hike released just yesterday.

The UI of the app is very basic and definitely needs some work on so has to keep users interested.

Scheduling a message by time is simple. As far as scheduling by location is concerned, you first choose whether the message should be sent by your location or by the receiver’s location and you get to choose the place on a map as well as a radius.  Considering that Google recently announced new geofencing APIs, we hope the app developers incorporate this in the app.

The Team

Zoment has been built by uFony Services Private Limited. The firm was founded in founded in IIM-Cal by Ashish Chaturvedi in 2012.  The company has been funded by The Chennai Angels.

Future Plans

One of the major issues with this app, like most upcoming instant messaging apps is getting new users aboard the platform. To tackle this app developers are working on an option where the sender can send the scheduled message to receivers as a SMS if the receiver is not a Zoment user. The user has to just set the time or location of his when the message has to be sent. It won’t work in the reverse way, where the message depends on the receiver’s location.

The team also plans to integrate a way to schedule Facebook messages from the app directly.

Our Take

While the basic concept of the app is great, gaining traction is something this app is going to contend with and while the SMS option does sound interesting the implementation of this will be key to making other users aware of this app. This app will probably never be able to replace apps like WhatsApp, Hike or WeChat but could find a niche audience for scheduling messages especially for messages based on location.

So you want to wish your friend at 12 in the night, but can’t stay awake, then Zoment might just be the app for you.

Download: Android, iOS

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