US based Science acquires Indian Startup, Pinpuff

US based Science has acquired Pinpuff, an Indian startup that calculates your “Pinfluence” – a measure of your popularity, influence and reach on Pinterest and also decides the monetary value of your pins and traffic your pins generate (“Pin Worth”).pinpuff-logo

“Pinpuff was one of the first technologies to identify Pinterest’s potential as not only a great place to share, but to motivate users to follow each other. The more people unearth great finds, the more likely Pinterest is to drive them beyond the platform to seek out more information or even, ultimately, purchase what they discovered.

Now that Pinterest is nearly as ubiquitous as Facebook and Twitter, and other platforms like The Fancy and Svpply are rising through the ranks, we can tap into the technology that Pinpuff has built to create a true gauge of reach – one that goes beyond clicks, page views, and static traffic numbers, one that measures the power of influence.” [Science Inc CEO, Mike Jones]

Interestingly, the founder of Pinpuff  shares his comparison of Indian vs. US tech culture:

“I’ve been introduced to a whole new approach to building, launching, and running companies which is totally different and way more effective than how it is done back in India.

The validation cycle is too long back in India. You can slog for a year or two without knowing if your company will be a success or not. Here in LA, it’s a much more rapid cycle. The team at Science have (sic) a deep passion for analytics, social, and eCommerce. Now that we’re a part of Science and have the opportunity to work with so many of their e-commerce businesses, I believe we can help solve the challenge of creating impactful ROI from company’s marketing spend.” [via]

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