Science confirms this as the right interview question (Elon Musk knew it)

Every entrepreneur and hiring manager has one goal: to hire the best candidate. However, they often fail in achieving the goal.

It’s not intentional, rather it is a part of human fallibility. Study has shown that most bosses fall in the trap of the candidate’s overselling nature.

Hiring managers try their best to find the right fit, but why do they get disappointed? Should they change the process of the interview? 

Let’s now see how lie detectors work.

Psychologist Cody Porter explained how law enforcement has always been troubled with the notorious lie detectors as it’s not always reliable. To find a solution to this, he explained a strategic manipulation technique.

Porter’s asymmetric information management (AIM) method is based on observations on liars. If asked about an event, liars tend to give general information without getting into the details, because more details will increase their difficulty. However, truthful people won’t mind giving minute details.

While it has been proven as a successful method to sniff out liars, it is also a solution to accessing a candidate’s skills during an interview. 

In one experiment, upon using the AIM method, interviewers’ could spot the percentage of liars from 48 percent to 81 percent.

A great way to know about a candidate’s skill is to ask them to explain about their projects and experience. Those who are genuinely skilled will be able to provide the little details as well. But if they are overselling themselves, then they will fail at it. 

And this technique is tailor made to find the most suitable candidate.

Elon Musk uses a similar approach to interviewing, asking every candidate.

“Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.”

Musk goes on to explain that “the people who really solved the problem, they know exactly how they solved it, they know the little details.”


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