Meet Scoot : A Meta-App For Booking Cabs [Ola, TaxiForSure, Uber, Meru]

The app helps you find the quickest and cheapest ride across different services like Olacabs and Uber, showing availability based on location and real-time ETA.

Taxi hailing apps like Uber and Olacabs has taken off in a huge way in India, and while few have built allegiances to a particular provider, most users are still experimenting with finding the service offering the best price and availability.
Looking to solve the problem of opening up multiple applications to find the quickest and cheapest ride around is an app called Scoot, which allows you to compare availability and real-time ETA across different ride hailing services.
Scoot currently supports four major taxi services – Olacabs, TaxiForSure, Uber and Meru cabs, according to its Play Store listing. The Interface of the app couldn’t be more straightforward – displaying all the available services and the estimated time of arrival. The listings are broken up company wise, and hitting any one of them opens up the corresponding app installed on the user’s smartphone.
The app is set to find rides close to the user’s ‘current location’ by default, but can be quickly changed via the search bar up top. Apart from this, there’s literally no other functionality built into Scoot, with the side menu bar including controls such as ‘Rate Us’, ‘Share’ and ‘Feedback’.
Scoot isn’t trying to disrupt the taxi service space, instead is looking to merely drive traffic to listed services. Upon comparing the estimated ETAs and availability from within Scoot and the corresponding ride hailing apps themselves, there seemed to be no discrepancies in the listings, which is sort of obvious considering that the data is just being pulled from the apps.
While Olacabs and Uber have open APIs, it isn’t clear how Scoot’s creators are scraping data off TaxiForSure’s service. Further, the integration of Meru cabs was introduced after several early adopters requested for the integration of the service. Given that Scoot is merely an aggregator and isn’t looking to take on ride hailing services in anyway, we don’t expect it to face any resistance from these companies.
For users then Scoot is a godsend, allowing them to explore multiple services at once and narrow down their search based on what they’re willing to spend and how quickly they can hail a ride. The app itself is currently available only on Google’s Play Store (sorry iOS and Windows Phone users) and can be installed on any device running Android 4.0 and above.
Download: Scoot

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