Track Backlinks & Crack SEO With Netherlands based Startup Linkody


Track Backlinks & Crack SEO With Netherlands based Startup Linkody

If you are a link trader, webmaster or site owner that does link building give Linkody a try. The search engine optimization tool by a Netherlands based startup helps you cut down on bulky spreadsheets and automated backlink tracking.

For the un-initiated, backlinks and SEO can make or break Internet businesses. A link that points back to your site from another site is called a backlink, more or less like a reference.

The backlink is like the other website telling its visitors ‘This is a page worth visiting’. It is estimated that as much as as 80 %of the weightage that search engine ranking algorithms give websites is accounted for by backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the higher your chances of being seen by potential customers.

Keeping track of your backlinks and monitoring them can be a daunting task. Linkody solves the problem of having to manually keep track of backlinks.

The main function of the Linkody is the automatic monitoring of backlinks from your website. Linkody monitors your backlinks and sends email alerts if they are removed or if their attributes change. The service provides you with a  complete outlook of your SEO with metrics and link analytics.

Here are some of the Key features:

  • Sends you an email report with a summary of your backlinks status and the prospect of links that went live.
  • Lists your current backlinks, then searches for new backlinks regularly and notifies you when new ones are found.
  • Indicates the pages from which you are expecting a link and notifies you as soon as the link goes live.
  • Provides your with essential analytics and how your links are distributed by Text/Image, Follow/Nofollow, TLD, Domain, Anchor phrases, Anchor keywords.
  • Analyzes the source page and provides you with all the useful metrics like Anchor text, MozRank, Alexa rank, IP address, Redirection (301/301), Number of links on page, Keyword similarity (with the target page).

The service intends to help website owners by alerting them about backlink removals in less than 24hrs  so as to help them react quickly. The service will also help them to contact the webmaster that removed it to have it back and avoid being penalized by search engines.

To try the service you can sign up for a free starter account. Once you are signed up and ready, yo can add your website, the one which is to be monitored for inbound links. Then the service searches a lists  the site backlinks available from which you can choose the ones you want to monitor. Now you will have to select the links’ expected attributes and associate notes and tags to it. Once these steps are completed the service starts monitoring your website.

The analytics and details can be viewed from the source page. There is a setting page from which you can select which error lever triggers an alert and at which frequency you want to receive the alerts. All this information is handled through a very intuitively laid out website with a easy to understand interface.

The pricing starts from a free starter account, which allows monitoring 1 website and to keep track of 20 links, all the way to $ 59.00/month for a webmaster account, which allows monitoring for 100 websites and to keep track of upto 50000 links.

If you are a website owner give the portal a spin and let us know what you think.

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