iXiGo Brings Flight Search to Twitter and Facebook [And It’s Awesome]

iXiGO has launched a natural language flight search tool for Facebook and Twitter. The tool will allow Facebook and Twitter users to post a flight request on a wall or send a message to a Twitter page and
receive the cheapest flight fare and details within minutes.

For searching flights on Facebook, a user simply has to go to https://www.facebook.com/iXiGOsearch and ask a simple search query in natural language on iXiGOSearch’s wall (e.g. “Mumbai to Dubai
next week” or “Chennai to Singapore on 5th Feb”). In just a minute, iXiGO will reply to the user with a comment on his/her query with details of the cheapest flight found across multiple travel sites, a link to the  iXiGO.com’s result page as well as a direct booking link for booking the cheapest flight within seconds on the travel site where it is available.

Similarly, on Twitter, you have to simply tweet a message directed to the @iXiGOsearch (e.g. “@iXiGOsearch BOM to DEL tomorrow” or “@iXiGOsearch
Cheapest flight from Delhi to London in June”) and iXiGOsearch will tweet back a response within a minute with details of the cheapest flight and a link to view results and book the flight.


A very neat implementation of natural language processing (though they can come up with cheesy messaging around edge cases like search for Feb 30th etc), the service is built on top of iXiGo’s API. iXIGo earlier raised $18.5 M investment from SAIF Partners & MakeMyTrip (read our interview with Aloke Bajpai On iXiGo’s Funding, Founder’s Stake).

Do give the service a spin and share your feedback.

Another startup, 90di too has been doing natural language search, but do you think a social media platform works much better than standalone site?

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