Cloudmagic Introduces Instant Gmail & Twitter search on iPhone & Android.

Bangalore based Cloudmagic that earlier launched a better Twitter search (+ Gmail) browser extension has now launched its mobile app (iPhone & Android) which is much faster than search functionality provided by native apps.

cloudmagicCloudmagic indexes your ‘online data’ (Gmail, Twitter) and makes them available for search. The mobile app is blazing fast and works really really well when you need information urgently (like flight ticket, calendar details etc etc).

In terms of adoption, the challenge that I see is whether there is a strong use case of using a service like this. That is, do you regularly search for old tweets? For app usage, the key point is the actual usage (and not just download) and a study suggests that 26% of downloaded apps are used only once! (and are removed instantly).

Long story short, Cloudmagic needs to build a psychological connection with its userbase for use cases that pertains to Gmail and Twitter search – given that these aren’t regular habits (though I think that Gmail native app’s search functionality is quite okay).

Should Cloudmagic be focusing on being ‘the search’ app on your mobile/tablet device (i.e. integrate with Google etc).

What’s your take? Watch the short video created by Cloudmagic team:

Download Cloudmagic app:

– Mobile :  iPhone App Store, Android Market
– Desktop : Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons

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