Searching Google Docs and Gmail Made Super Fast with CloudMagic

We earlier covered how a Bangalore based startup added a the most natural extension to Gmail, i.e. integrated search. Cloudmagic’s Firefox/Chrome extension, when added indexes your Gmail data locally (not in the cloud) and shows search results as you type(super fast is the best way to describe the behavior).

The team has now launched the 2.0 version of the plugin that goes beyond Gmail – i.e. Google Docs (interestingly, Google docs too announced a new UI, better search last week).

In essence, CloudMagic 2.0 extends search for following services:

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Forms

With CloudMagic 2.0 you can refer to other emails & docs while composing a message without opening different tab or window. Similarly you can refer to any docs or emails while working on docs.

Watch this demo video

This is a great product for businesses using Google office suite, though I’d recommend the team to look at Zoho suite as well – Zoho “sells” more to enterprises than Google Apps (which does have a huge user number to boast of).

Do give the Clouldmagic a spin and share your comments.
Another product from CloudMagic Team: IssueBurner [Do More with Email – Track Issue, Tasks, Support Tickets]

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