Search texts inside the video/audio


Search texts inside the video/audio

Ever wondered if you could actually search for words mentioned in an audio/video file?

i.e. *Frankly dear! I don’t give a damn’ should take you to the ‘Gone with the wind’ video!

Podzinger, an audio search engine has an appealing feature which enables the end users to search YouTube videos for terms that are actually mentioned inside the video.

“For consumers, PodZinger is the only search engine that allows users to find audio and video content based on keyword searches and then skim the results for relevance the same way they would for text. Consumers can then “jump-to” a specific location in the audio and video without fast forwarding or listening to the entire file.”

Apart from the usual metadata search, Podzinger uses speech recognition technology to search audio and video files.

An impressive tool I must say.

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