CoinSwitch launches multi-exchange crypto trading platform

Users will be able to view, pick, compare, and trade in numerous tokens across exchanges using the CoinSwitch Pro platform. With a single login, users can trade crypto assets in INR on various exchanges.

Depending on the cryptocurrency exchange, the cross-exchange platform will charge consumers a transaction fee for trades made on the site.

JP Morgan files trademark application for cryptocurrency

Through the registration, JP Morgan Wallet will be able to offer services including a cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency transfers on a blockchain, credit or cash card payment processing, and the creation of virtual checking accounts.

JP Morgan started enabling its clients to invest in cryptocurrency funds in August 2021. A service like this was provided by New York Digital Investment Group.

US authorities arrest Indian-American man for $10 million crypto fraud

Rathanakishore Giri, an Indian American, was arrested by Federal law enforcement authorities in the US on criminal charges related to his alleged involvement in cryptocurrency investment.

The fraud scheme raised at least USD 10 million from investors. He is accused of deceitfully portraying himself as a skilled cryptocurrency trader in order to deceive investors.

Binance launches free crypto courses with NFT certificates

Binance is offering free courses on cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse for its millions of customers. An NFT certificate will be awarded once the students have finished all of these courses.

Six modules will make up the course, the first of which is a beginner’s course that covers the fundamental facts and investing techniques of the sector.


Japan’s one of largest crypto exchanges Liquid (FTX-owned) pauses withdrawals

The FTX-owned crypto exchange Liquid took to Twitter on Nov. 15 to officially announce a suspension of fiat and crypto withdrawals on its Liquid Global platform.

The news comes shortly after Liquid claimed that customer assets on Liquid wallets were not impacted by the FTX contagion, with the FTX exchange halting all withdrawals on Nov. 10.

FTX warns U.S. users it could halt crypto trading in matter of days

The US-based branch of Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire, FTX.US, just announced that it may imminently implement a freeze on trading.

A new note on the company’s website says investors looking to close positions and move their crypto out of the exchange are currently able to do so.

MetaMask introduces bridge aggregator that lets users move crypto across chains

Users will be able to move up to $10,000 of supported tokens using any of these bridges across Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon.

Supported tokens include ether and wrapped ether; popular stablecoins such as DAI; and native gas tokens like Matic. The bridge aggregator will help users find the cheapest route for moving coins across supported networks.

SEC, DOJ probe crypto exchange FTX over violating U.S. exchanges laws

The SEC’s investigation, which has been continuing for months, is focused on the company’s U.S. subsidiary, FTX.US, which lists dozens of crypto tokens.

Agency officials believe some of these assets, as well as FTX’s lending product, might constitute securities that, under U.S. law, should have been registered with the SEC before being sold to investors.

Abu Dhabi sets up blockchain and cryptocurrency association

Abu Dhabi has launched a new association backed by the emirate’s financial free zone to hasten the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the region.

Blockchain, in particular, has received special focus, with a number of government initiatives established, including the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021 and the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, as well as the formation of the Global Blockchain Council.

Binance is buying rival crypto exchange FTX

Binance has agreed to buy FTX, a once-stalwart rival suddenly facing a destabilizing stream of customer withdrawals, in the latest bout of turmoil to rock the industry this year.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that the deal came together rapidly to “protect users.” The deal, whose value was not revealed, stunned crypto watchers.

Luxury watchmaker Rolex files trademark applications for cryptos and NFTs

The luxury watchmaker’s trademark application suggests plans to introduce NFTs, NFT-backed media, NFT marketplaces, crypto keys and transactions, virtual goods auctions, as well as virtual and cryptocurrency exchange.

The trademark was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 31 and covers downloadable software for blockchain technology, digital wallets, and online spaces for buyers and sellers of virtual products.