SEBI Guidelines on Angel Funding Explained [Whiteboard Friday]

SEBI has brought in changes to their guidelines for Angel Funds and also in their ambit of approved Alternative Investment Funds category. This is a good step to help boost serious Angel Investments and also to curb lot of malpractices being followed in valuations and funding many companies (specially the ones which have political connections etc.). But since SEBI is involved, it is certain that some minimum levels has to be maintained and the Angel funds operating in lower spectrum (under 50 Lacs of investments) and also operating as unstructured/ HNI kind of mode (which has been a major force in current Angel funding scenario) shall not be covered here.

In this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team talks about what the changes are, the qualifying criteria and how it shall impact the Angel Investments. It also talks about options available with unstructured and smaller Angel Funds or HNIs.

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