Do We Need A Secret App For India? This Startup Confesses So

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Do We Need A Secret App For India? This Startup Confesses So

Secret app is hugely popular in India (read : Why Secret App’s $25mn Funding Is A Good News For Quora, Atleast in India) and is heavily used, especially among the geeks to talk all ‘great things’ about others, anonymously.Confess App

But, do we need a Secret app for India?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Vavia Technologies has launched Confess App, an anonymous social network that allows users to share secret confessions with their connections and groups without any inhibitions.

A user can post confessions on this app which will appear on all his/her connections using the app. When they comment/like the confession, the confession will then be visible to their connections and so on (no identities are revealed during the entire process).

App features include:

  • Confess your secrets anonymously
  • Read & comment on other peoples confessions
  • Message and communicate with other users of the app
  • Search for topic specific confessions (Secret users will definitely love this).
  • Vote on other people’s confessions

The biggest challenge with such apps lies in bringing the network effect, which Secret has managed and existing users will find very little reasons to switch (unless some confessions are seeded).

Importantly, the key question is – do we need a secret for India? Owing to one’s network effect, it’s largely localized.

Go ahead and give Confess a confess and suggest your feedback to the team.

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