Why Secret App’s $25mn Funding Is A Good News For Quora [Atleast in India]

Quora founders and investors must be happy. Secret has raised $25mn funding round to build the most open, connected and honest social network in the world.secretly

In India, Secret has been extremely popular (among technology and startup teams), as the app is often used for activities ranging from bitching to talking secrets about others (e.g. how much was <company X> acquired for?, why is <VC firm X> so arrogant).

Secret’s funding is a BIG relief for Quora, I can tell you. More thatn Secret, Quora needs more secret (and bitching) conversation move away from Quora to Secret.

Quora & India

Indians have been extremely active on Quora – so much so that at one point in time, they were driving more traffic to the site than their American counterparts!

Quora Traffic : India Tops The Chart
Quora Traffic : India Tops The Chart

India is the #1 traffic source for Quora though the traffic is down from 40% to 37% between January – July [read : Why Indians are so active on Quora]

Enter Secret.

Secret Traffic : India is #2
Secret Traffic : India is #2

The Secret.ly app has done wonders to the world. As the team says, it’s the most open, connected and honest social network in the world and while its a great way to talk anything and everything under the sun, I mostly see Indians taking digs at others.

Secret’s secret talks is what makes it interesting for Indian audience – ranging from inquisitiveness and being curious about others personal life to finding out ways to take a dig at others (anonymously is a god-send option).

With Secret’s popularity going up, we certainly believe that a lot of sanity** will come back to Quora. That is, more ‘instance-based’ queries (I got rejected by <VC FIRM Y> and I hate them’ emotions stand to be seen more on Secret than Quora.

What are your thoughts?

*Ofcourse, Secretly is more of an app product and website traffic is representative sample.

**I am not at all discounting the real knowledge that is shared in Quora. That’s massive and is amazing; and that’s precisely why Quora’s great content  needs to go up and the bitching needs to come down. Maybe a lot of latter will move to Secret app.

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