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Meet SEEK, A platform that brings mentorship access to professionals.
Across all levels.

SEEK is the most effective way to donate to Covid-fighting charities.

» You book a slot with a mentor and all proceedings go to the charity.
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Calling Professionals with Expertise to Maximize Donations for Covid charities

Apart from directly donating to charities, mentoring is the second best option we have to help each other.

There are many of us who may not have all the monetary resources to donate, but we have the expertise and (some) time to help other professionals and channelize our efforts in helping each other come out of this crisis.

It’s time to not just save the country from Covid, but also start rebuilding India by mentoring others.

100% of proceedings from SEEK will go to charities fighting Covid battle .

For mentees: We are making it super easy to donate. You get access to amazing mentors, pay for their time and all the proceedings go to a charity!

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Keep Solving and Keep Shipping.

seek helps you solve Your most difficult short-to-long term career challenges.

30 minutes session with industry mentors across product management, engineering, marketing, sales and startup space.

We are making covid donations easier as the booking amount wil be directly donated to charities.

When you book a session with the mentor, all the proceedings from that will go to the charities.

On SEEK, you can book a one-on-one 30 minutes video mentorship session with an industry mentor (a video call over Zoom). Before the call, you will be asked to submit your questions so that the mentor is much more prepared and has the right context.


SEEK enables professionals and entrepreneurs across the range to get mentored by the ones who are a few years senior, ensuring not just mentoring, but great industry networking.


Book A Session with Mentors


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Mentor List launches April 30th

We are looking for mentors across product, engg, growth, sales, leadership and every other possible areas.

How does this work?

For Mentors

  • Fill up the form (link)
  • You will get a backend invite from us.
  • Integrate with your calendar.
  • Define your time slots (even 1 hr/week is good)
  • That’s it.

For Mentees:

  • Book a slot with relevant mentors.
  • Make the payment (as part of the process)
  • Share your top 3-5 questions for
  • Call details will be shared with you.

SEEK helps you get answers to questions like:

How do I switch to product management? Is it for me? how can I go about it?

How do I influence decisions without authority?

Shall I continue on tech track vs. switch to management?

How do I setup sales process

How do I get better at giving and receiving feedback?

How do I deal with an underperforming reportee?


Most frequent questions and answers

Apart from donating to charities, this is the second best option for us to help each other.

There are many of us who may not have all the monetary resources, but we have the expertise and (some) time to help other professionals and channelize our efforts to help fellow citizens come out of this crisis.

Even if 200 mentors come together and donate 1 hour a week, we will have enough donations to help a lot of needy and poor people.

It’s time to not just save the country from Covid, but also to start rebuilding India.

100% of proceedings from this initiative will go to charities and NGOs.

Not everybody will have this bandwidth right now. All we ask our mentors is to give us a defined calendar slot over the next 2-3 months -say 1 hr every week, so that mentees can go ahead and book these.

The idea here is to think long-term.

There are many great founders and investors who are solving for immediate need, i.e .of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds etc.

There are many non-profit/needy families who need help and most aren’t covered under the above acts.

We need to solve for Covid and post-Covid world (we hope to see that soon!) on a long-term basis.

People need to upgrade skills, get mentored and solve their immediate career challenges, arising out of Covid.

This is the most important start.

  1. Each session is of 30 minutes.
  2. Mentee goes ahead and registers a slot.
  3. Mentee will have to submit the top 3 qns for the mentor, during the registration process, so that the entire exercise is fruitful.
  4. These are video calls (done over zoom).


We are a private limited company and frankly, even we don’t know at this point, how will we incorporate taxation as all the proceedings from this initiative will go to charities (we will lose 30% in taxes, fyi)

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