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seek enables anyone to access the best mentor enabling growth and meaningful relationship.

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seek helps you solve Your most difficult short-to-long term career challenges.

30 minutes session with industry mentors.

On Seek, you can book a one-on-one 30 minutes video mentorship session with an industry mentor (a video call over Zoom). Before the call, you will be asked to submit your questions so that the mentor is much more prepared and has the right context.


Seek  is currently helping engineering and product managers to become better leaders by connecting them with the right industry mentors.
More than 30 mentors will soon go live on the platform.


Book A Session with Product Management Mentors


Founder, NextBigWhat
Ashish Sinha
Every Wed. Fri : 5 PM.

Topic: Product Management Career, Product-Market Fit.

Director of Product, Rakuten​
Nimit Kumar
Every Wed, Sat: 7 PM

On Product Management Career, Managing Teams, Deep-tech for Product Managers

Director of Product Strategy, Razorpay
Shashank Mehta

On Product Management Career, Managing Teams, Fintech

GM at Amazon (Eng, Product, Content, Ops)
Kintan Brahmbhatt
Friday: 11 AM

Product leadership, Strategy, Managing diverse teams

Director of Products, MoveInSync
ujjwal trivedi
Ujjwal Trivedi
Every Tue, Thu, Sat : 9 AM.

Topic: Product Management Career, Product Leadership, Product Management Related Topics.

More mentors will be added soon

We aim to cover the entire range of product management – right from your career related queries related to scaling into leadership role.

seek helps you get answers to questions like:

How do I switch to product management? Is it for me? how can I go about it?

How do I influence decisions without authority?

Shall I continue on tech track vs. switch to management?

How do I conduct better one-on-one meetings?

How do I get better at giving and receiving feedback?

How do I deal with an underperforming reportee?

seek: ProductManagement

How do I get into product management? Is it the right choice for me? Should I take up a course? Join a startup or a big corporate? Get all your questions answered.

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