Segmentation: Why is it Important & What Does it Help You Achieve?

I get a lot of questions about Go to Market #segmentation. Why is it important, how do you segment, and what does segmentation help you achieve? Here’s how we approach it at @HubSpot. 🧵:
The short answer: Segmentation enables focus. You have limited resources and limited time, and segmentation helps you focus those resources on the right areas of the business.
The long answer: Segmentation is the foundation of being #CustomerFirst. By focusing on specific behaviors and patterns within segments, you create competitive advantages and can deliver great end-to-end customer experience.
There are a *lot* of ways to segment and this can look different at every business. I’d love to hear how you segment. Next week I’ll share some thoughts on how you can bring it all together and tailor your GTM based on segment insights.

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