Future Group forays into self-publishing


Future Group forays into self-publishing

Future group is foraying into self-publishing vertical and apart from enabling authors to publish their books, Depot (Future Group’s book, music and stationery retail arm) will also sell these books in their retail stores across the country.

Writers, most of the times, are clueless as to what to do about their works. Our self-publishing initiative would allow them to publish as low as 25 copies. What’s more, we will launch the book and sell them at our stores across the country for a few weeks and, then, return the unsold copies [source]

This is quite a significant development for the nascent print-on-demand industry and Future group’s entry will boost the startups who are offering self-publishing – cinnamonteal and pothi specifically.

What’s your opinion? How will you react, if you are one of those startups running your own print-on-demand service?

Will other big retail/publishing house get into this industry? I really doubt that.

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  1. Micheal

    They are publishing books with fiction facts and many of them are edited with Editing Software replacing the Novel Editor. I would ask everyone all over India to ask all type of Questions from Salesman as buying and reading wrong subject books could lead to waistage of time and knowledge which couldn’t be used at much places. Stay away from Future Publication.

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