5 Best Selfie Phones to Look Out For

by Sanjeev Bhatia, Co-Founder, Onlymobiles.com

Whenever we check our group pictures, we always try to find our very own self first. Such is the charm of having our picture and that pretty much summarize the reasons why taking selfies have become such a rage.

Camera capabilities have been one of the important criteria while buying mobile phones and as the selfie rage is getting popular – we are seeing almost all major smartphone brands have produced phones which are essentially marked as selfie phones.

So, if you are looking at the best selfie phone – here are some of the options which actually customers are buying in India across different budget points.

There’s a long list even if your budget is shoestring. Recently, we are seeing a lot of buzz and customer acceptance for LYF Water series phones which are available sub 10k segment.

The year 2017 will evolve and revolve around selfie camera phones for sure.

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