E-Junkie Makes Selling Digital Goods Online Super Easy

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E-Junkie Makes Selling Digital Goods Online Super Easy

Want to sell digital goods online? Say an eBook, but you are scared that it will reach the hands of pirates!

If you are worried about piracy, worried about setting up your ecommerce store, have no clue about online payment solutions, try out e-junkie.ejunkie

If you have read the digital copy of David Allen’s GTD [Getting Things Done], you must have noticed that each page of the book has the buyers’ name stamped – this atleast ensures that piracy is taken care of (social DRM).  E-Junkie provides a similar feature that enables sellers to stamp buyer’s name/email id/transaction id along with the purchase.

Also, e-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other websites using PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout etc.

The product is well suited for sellers who need buyers beyond eBay, i.e. freelancers, authors etc and what’s interesting about E-Junkie is that they are filling gaps in the ecommerce space with nifty features – like automated delivery, integration with Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture etc to help sellers track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

For tangible goods, E-Junkie automates the shipping calculation and inventory management and the shopping cart has a built in sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping cost calculator.

The company is started by Robin K, an Indian entrepreneur who scratched his own itch and came up with the idea to enable sellers to secure their downloads/delivery. They have clients like TechCrunch, VH1, CNNMoney and Zappos and the company is also working with few Indian customers for their expansion in this part of the world.

Here is a quick interview with Robin on the story behind E-Junkie.

What made you start E-Junkie?

I used to sell a software and I was delivering it manually. I looked around for a service to automate the process but all the services available to software developers were solutions which roll technology and payment processing into one bloated offering with a hefty price tag. It just did not make sense to pay a percentage of the transaction to a digital delivery or cart service. After all, you don’t pay the postal service based on the value of goods! So I set out to to make a lightweight solution which kept the
technology separate and worked with any major payment processor. This basically gave me (and other developers) flexibility to use e-commerce technology they needed with any payment processor they want and the ability to give multiple payment choices to buyers (which increases conversions) and also saved us all a nice chunk of change in processing fee, all for a small flat monthly fee.

Initially E-junkie was just a digital delivery solution good for selling digital content like software, e-books, music, artwork etc. but we realized that it wasn’t very convenient for merchants who had physical products as well, to maintain relation with multiple e-commerce technology vendors, so later on we added a unique full-on cart offering which again was a first-time-ever thing as our shopping cart worked inside the merchant website instead of a new window. This enhanced the buyer experience tremendously and increased conversions.

Qn: How did you start the US operation?

E-junkie was founded while I was in India. However, since I was doing this along with a day job that I got in U.S. shortly after, I’d to set up operations in the U.S. itself, which gave us a pretty big
advantage. Being present there in U.S. helped in business development and also I was able to build a team which understood the locale specific issues inherently.

Qn: Revenue numbers if you could share.

We process around $8MM worth of transactions each month for 8200+ merchants currently. Our own revenue is close to $1MM.

Qn: What are the current offering of e-junkie?

As it stands now, E-junkie provides copy-paste shopping cart buttons which can be placed on any website, blog or a social network to sell anything digital or tangible. Sellers don’t need to create and maintain entirely new stores apart from their existing web presence.

In case of digital products, E-junkie automates the secure and instant delivery of the product proving instant gratification to the buyer. Our shopping cart comes pre-loaded with all necessary features like tax/vat calculation, shipping/packaging calculation, discount code management, affiliate management and inventory management.

When it comes to selling e-books, we provide a lightweight unobtrusive “social” DRM feature by stamping the PDF with buyer’s name, e-mail and transaction ID which discourages them to put the e-book on a P2P network. It keeps honest people honest 🙂

In a nutshell, E-junkie is an easy and affordable solution with rock solid technology hardened by years of experience and backed by superb customer service which lowers the barrier to entry in e-commerce for “do it yourself” independent artists, authors, developers, publishers and other small businesses as well as increases sales and keeps payment processing fee low.

Our turnkey solution has also been choice of merchants like MTV and Zappos when they’ve found themselves in need for a quick fix of e-commerce for a one off requirement.

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