Vimagino – Enabling Customer Care 2.0 in Semantic Way

We have covered few NLP based startups earlier (Alabot) and  Vimagino is a newly launched startup that uses artificial intelligence and semantics to help companies manage their customer support.semantic analysis of customer care vimagino

The Bangalore based startup has smartly positioned it’s solution, ‘Customer Churn Management’ to BPO firms and the solution framework has five key components

  • Customer information mapping
  • Customer strategy
  • Value stream mapping
  • Customer operation optimization
  • Customer contact management

Vimagino has also launched vHelp, a knowledge base that integrates advanced semantic search with the existing knowledge base resulting in better understanding of context and queries.

Most of the agents working on voice /chat /email based processes, experience the frustration of searching across multiple systems to access, the answers for the questions asked by the customers. “vHelp” intelligent integrated desktop integrated with your existing voice /chat /email software to deliver the power of collective intelligence to your agents. What it means is that it enables integrated advanced semantic search with your knowledge base, resulting in almost 30% reduction in AHT (Average Handling Time) and increasing first call resolutions by helping agents reply faster and more accurately by utilizing answers which have resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Using semantic search and sentimental analysis is what will drive customer care 2.0 (read: IBM Launches Voice Analytics Service on SAAS Model [Sentimental Analysis]) and Vimagino’s GTM strategy (for Indian market) should be based on FUD (Fear, Uncertainity and Doubt) that MNP (Mobile Number Portability) brings to Indian telecom operators, when it comes to the quality of service.

What’s your take on Vimagino?

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