One of the worst part about team meetings is taking down the meeting notes (i.e. you cannot sleep with eyes wide open!).
How I wish I could take the picture of the whiteboard (using my camera phone), and send it across to everybody (in a pdf format)?

I know I can send the pictures to their mobile, or download the picture to my PC and send it as an email.

But frankly speaking, there are bad times-especially when I am in a customer-meeting and I have to send some important meeting notes to development team, and there is no internet connection access available!!!

How about sending docs/images from the camera phone without any internet connection? Not even wifi!

ClicktoScan – an innovative application from Realeyes3D allows camera phone users to capture, share and store information, irrespective of wherever they are.

How does it work?

  • Capture the document/image using your camera phone,
  • Send it to clicktoscan server (specify the email id/fax no. you want the document to be delivered at)
  • The application reads the text content, cleans up the image and then sends it to the chosen output as a PDF/JPEG document.

The process is as simple as sending a MMS.
Now the bad news – ClicktoScan is still in a beta mode, and is currently supported only by a few mobile carriers (that too only in the US).

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