In this digitally connected world, do you really need a fax machine? You do need fax service, but you don’t need to own a machine (or even rent one)?

SuperFax is Fax on the cloud service (from Delhi based knowlarity) that enables you to send and receive faxes via email. Once you sign-in, you will get a phone number that maps to your email address. The number when called gives a fax tone. An SMS is sent to you after the fax is received. Fax will be made available in your mailbox as a PDF attachment.

Similarly, in order to send a fax via email, simply email the attachment to to <stdcode+phonenumber> (example and the attachment will be delivered as a fax.

While sending the fax, the service will automatically retry in case of failure and uses 128-bit encryption technology to ensure the data safety.

What’s really neat is that for sending international fax, you don’t need to pay any ISD fee (check out the rate card).

A very useful service that is aptly suitable for small and medium enterprises. What’s your take?

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